Carcassonne. A second-hand sewing machine offered to the “couturiers solidaires” of the department

the basics The initial donation was made by the Lidl brand to the Restos du cœur, which passed it on to the volunteer mask makers for the general public.

It all began on 7 May, when the regional management of the Lidl brand handed over a sewing machine and a stock of chocolates to the Restos du cœur de l’Aude. Pascale Hetmaniak, sector manager, and Hafed Bousroud, director of the Lidl store in Carcassonne Salvaza, represented Laurent Oughdentz, the brand’s regional director.On the Restaurant side, Frank Brochard, departmental secretary, and Jean-Pierre Cros, in charge of communication for the association’s Audoise branch, received the donations.

Then, on May 11th, the same Jean-Pierre Cros, accompanied by the departmental president of the Restos Gilbert Oliver, placed this sewing machine at the disposal of Aurélie Kowal, departmental coordinator of the “couturières solidaires de l’Aude”, so that they could continue the manufacture of masks to AFNOR standards, masks which are so sought-after and in demand today.

10,000 washable masks

Following the collectives “couturières solidarités de l’Aude” and “Entraides Solidarités Carcassonne Covid19” offered masks, designed and manufactured by Patie Patou who gave the endowment to Jackie Leclair representing the association “Couleurs Citoyennes”, as well as to the EHPAD “Les Berges du Canal”.

The “dressmakers of the Aude” are currently 75 in number and have already made some 10,000 washable masks, distributed free of charge to those most in need.

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