The Panty (and friends)

For many people, a women's panties (and bra) are what make her feel most sensationally sexy. A matching set can have a dramatic effect on a woman's self-esteem even though no-one can see a difference. Panties are often neglected in the grand scheme of under-things with bras taking center stage. 

Whether it's a fresh pair of panties which make us feel flirty or the best in shaper garments, a women's underwear is often the key to her confidence. 
Finding the appropriate underwear for every outfit and occasion can be more creative and less expensive than you believe. 

Understanding different undergarment styles and available fabrics; how they work and how they stretch and support the body, may assist you in sewing underwear that gives you the right look to your outfits. When picking the right pantie designs and underwear patterns, it might be true that less is more. The less complicated the first underwear make you attempt, the less likely you are to give up half way. There are various options, so find the one which is right for you. 

‘Bottom Half’ Underwear Types 

Standard women's panties/briefs: This style has existed for a long time, with both classical sensual appeal as well as practical function. 

Thong type women's underwear: These are available in an extensive range of materials and color choices, giving multiple choices when needing to hide the pantie line under your clothing. Thongs are also ideal for your light colored linen trousers, even the close fitting evening gowns, or even the new fashion low rise trousers. These will not display any lines at all. 

Seamless underwear: Since the actual panty line is likely to be around the hips - seamless women's underwear became incredibly popular to wear under the tighter and tighter fashions. These designs are made on the ring-shaped loom, which gets rid of the side seams (but makes it impossible for us to sew). This gives not only a really comfy fit, but also a clean, smooth appearance if you are wearing form fitted clothes. 

Bikini briefs or ‘mini’s’: These are low rise versions of the classic pantie with shorter sides and are great under low-res jeans 

Boy shorts: These are styled after mens boxers but with a more feminine fit, they can be worn as pajamas or around the house with a T-shirt. 

Corsets: The original foundation garment, corsets are made of stiff cotton and steel boning to bring in the waist several inches. They normally only extend to the hips but some can have a crotch to them. 

Girdles: Lastly, girdles are more breathable and practical than corsets, made of stretchy fabric rather than stiff cotton.